List of Workshops:

August Zemo, Facing History and Ourselves, Switzerland: 
"Education as a tool in the prevention of genocide"

Prof. John Andrews, Prof. Bill Waters, Northern Michigan University: 
"Role of Humor in Police work"

Karel Vanspringel, Pax Christi Flanders, Belgium: 
"How to use drama and role-playing in peace education"

Joseph Wronka, Springfield College: 
"Toward the Creation of Human Rights Action Alerts"

Kim Feinberg, Foundation for Tolerance Education, South Africa: 
"Universal lessons through history"

Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs: 
"Alternative Methods of Education in Overcoming Ethnic Prejudices"

Alison Closs, University of Edinburgh: 
"Inclusive and Co-operative Education"

Ina Navazelskis, Radio Free Europe, Prague: 
"Where stereotypes and the Media Intersect: How Tolerance is promoted or inhibited by journalists"

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