William F. Waters and John Andrews
Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Michigan 1999:
"Are we too serious? The value of humor in criminal justice work"

Dr. Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs
Research Center on Jewish History and Culture in Poland, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland:
"Alternative Methods of Education in Overcoming Ethnic Prejudices in Poland"

Roseline-Ntshingila Khosa
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom:
"De-racialisation and Integration in South African Schools: Challenges, Initiatives and Opportunities"

Lot Motene
Kelvin, South Africa:
"Stereo Types Racism Forum Of Discrimination"

Enkeleda Nazaj
The European Children's Trust, Tirana, Albania:
"Poverty in Albania"

Lazar Nikolic
Belgrade, Serbia:
"Patterns Of Gender And Ethnic Prejucides In The Context Of Contemporary Discrimination"

Barbara Pasamonik
The Maria Grzegorzewska College:
"Paradox of Tolerance: Between Opinion and Truth"

Marina Dimitrova Stefanova
Sofia, Bulgaria:
"Romany pupils. Need for long term action."

Lungile Buthelezi
Barnato Park High School, Johannesburg, South Africa:
"Equal Oportunities: Concept and its Implementation."

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