Multicultural Center Prague

"Celebration of diversity, respect for difference, tolerance of others."

Multicultural Center Prague (MKC-Prague) is envisioned as an open space for communication, encounters, and research aimed at investigating the diversity of European and non European cultures, their points of contact, their histories and their mutual influences - both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The goal of MKC-Prague is to spark the interest and the willingness to get to know, respect and appreciate others, thereby leading to a deeper understanding, sensitivity and tolerance in the Czech Republic.

Interdisciplinary in its approach and serious in its dedication to facts, as opposed to myths, the MKC-Prague aims at the complex view of the territorial, intellectual, socio-economic, religious and political history, development and current situation of diverse world cultures, rather than their superficial "exotic appeal". MKC-Prague intends to overcome the notion that "Czech situation" is somehow exceptional, which persists, paradoxically, despite present trends in global migrations.

MKC Prague not only reflects the increasingly multicultural character of the world we live in, but also articulates a vigorous response from within to one of the most pressing issues challenging Czech society today, namely the plight of its Roma (Gypsy) population - without, of course, ignoring other cultural and ethnic groups in the Czech Republic.

MKC Prague hopes to achieve the above stated goals through a variety of educational, informative and experimental activities. These are, primarily:

  • Research, training and continuing education in the form of roundtables, short as well as long-term courses and experimental workshops for the participants of the educational system at all levels, in addition to pioneering investigation at the grass-roots level of the issues relating to MKC Prague's interests.
  • Gathering of information and its facilitation to interested professionals and the Czech general public relating to the issues of concern to MKC-Prague: to further this end, the "MKC-Prague Resource Center" has been established, and a diversity of projects are being prepared in close cooperation with other governmental institutions and NGOs in the region.
  • Publishing and support for the publication of both theoretical and applied literature dedicated to European and non-European cultures and identities, as well as related issues of ethnicity, migration, and interethnic coexistence, including independent research, high-quality university work and doctoral theses.
  • Contacting and networking among existing projects and organisations with similar goals in the Czech Republic and the rest of the world, leading to their mutual acquaintance and cooperation.

MKC-Prague selected projects in the year 2000

  • Inauguration of the MKC-Prague Resource Center (YMCA Palace, Prague) and initiation of its service to the public;
  • Database of existing projects and organisations with similar goals in the Czech republic.
  • Publication and promotion of a theoretical study titled: "Guide through the Concepts of Migrations, Racism, and Interculturality";
  • A two-semester seminar cycle titled "Cultural Crossroads" designed for the continuing education of teachers of the humanities from the Czech Republic;
  • Intercultural workshops and experimental seminars for children and youth;
  • History and society through films teaching seminar titled: "Latin American Societies through Film".
  • Impact study on the Roma grant policy in the Czech Republic throughout the 1990s - in cooperation with the Charles University Prague.
  • RESPECT 2000: RESPECT and education, RESPECT and culture, RESPECT and media Educational and regional outreach of the popular ethnic music festival.


Multicultural Center Prague

Na Poříčí 12 (YMCA Palace)
115 30 Praha 1
Tel/Fax: + 420 - 2 - 24872121

Kateřina Březinová, Director
Lenka Simerská, Resource Center Coordinator
Anna Soumarová, Educational Program Coordinator

About MKC-Prague

MKC-Prague is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation. Its activities have been made possible thanks to support from the Open Society Fund Prague.

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