Bohemia Corps

Bohemia Corps' mission is to encourage volunteerism among people living in the Czech Republic, through different educational and humanitarian projects for public benefit. Civic Association, NGO Bohemia Corps will celebrate its third birthday at the end of January 2000. During its existence, the organization worked with volunteers in flood relief activities, Kosovo refugees in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, in educational project Tolerance and respect, etc. Currently, the organization is developing a project to help unemployed fresh high schools and universities graduates, and Summer youth leadership course.

Through Tolerance and respect project, Bohemia Corps is working to help in solving race-related problems in the Czech society. The organization created lesson plans for conversational English that are supposed to encourage discussions among students. The important aim of the project is to encourage attentive listening to other ideas than just "mine". Students, as well as their Czech and foreign teachers are learning how to become active citizens holding their own ideas. Variety of skills gained during these lessons should help students in becoming more tolerant towards other perspectives, ideas, people and cultures than just their own.

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