Lectures, texts and miscellaneous documents

Unit 1:    Introduction & terminology (ethnicity, race, identity, multiculturalism, racism, discrimination) (Laura Laubeová)

Unit 2:    Theory base –  main paradigms in sociology, political philosophy, and political science (Lucie Cviklová)

                           Text of the lecture in Word

Unit 3:    Liberal theories of collective/minority rights and ethnocultural neutrality of the state, typology of minorities, and models of majority/minority dynamics  (Selma Muhic)

                            Text of the lecture in Word

Unit 4:    Multiculturalism, identity and politics (Laura Laubeová)

Unit 5:    Multiculturalism, identity and politics- cont. (Lucie Cviklová)

                      Text of lecture 5 in Word


Unit 6:    Definitions and forms of discrimination; institutional racism (Laura Laubeová)

                        notes on the directive

                        notes on institutional racism



Unit 7:    Equal opportunity policy and positive action (Míťa Castle-Kaněrová)

                        Lecture notes   &  ppt slides

                        ICARE Article on EO in France


Unit 8:    Case Study: The Roma/ Gypsies/ Travellers (Laura Laubeová) - Film Show: The Roma Road


Unit 9:    Case Study: The Roma – cont. :


                    Presentation on the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) Prague seminars 1.-3. Dec 04 

                    by Paul O’Keeffe, Vladislava Iordanova, Stasha Ziakova


                    article by Dr Lilla Farkas

                    article two by Dr Lilla Farkas


Unit 10:    From Law to Practice 

                    Case study 1 -  Access to public services

                    Case study 2 -  Access to employment

                    Case study 3 -  Education

               text on FCNM


Unit 11:     Final class


 Lesson evaluation sheet

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