AQCIs and Final essays - Winter 2004 

Final essays

Anita Jolink: The Dutch labour equality law, SAMEN, an issue of positive discrimination  

Evgenia Belyaeva: Ethnic Minorities and Access to Justice: European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights project directed towards Russian Federation  

Vladislava Iordanova: The viability of the Bulgarian Ethnic Model

Céline Moyon: Building a multicultural society: the case of Baltic States

Sarah-Jane Fulton:The recent growth of ‘Islamophobia’ and  its effects on race relations in and around Europe

Michael Lucerto:One State, Two Cultures: The story of Hispanics in America, Muslims in France and Roma in the Czech Republic.

Peter Hallama: The Slovenes in Carinthia and the “Ortstafelstreit"

Jeni Schaller: Affirmative Action in Crisis: Lessons Europe Can Learn from the US Failures

Idun Brekke: Ethnic minorities’ integration in the Norwegian labour market

Vanessa Coursol: “ Laïcité” and discriminations, The “scarf law” in France

Hege Kofstad :Equal opportunities and ethnic minorities -the Sami people

Nicolas Gosset:The dilemna of Muslim integration in Belgium: A delicate balance between institutionalization of moderate Islam and fear of fundamentalism

Carola Becher: Samer – Sami –Lappes  

Irena Ceroviæ:  Improving the Position of the Roma in Serbia: The Democratic Challenge

Stanislava Ziakova:  Report on ERRC Anti-discrimination seminars: the EU Race Equality Directive

Ondrej Valenta:  ADAPTATION OF VISIBLE MINORITIES     &   Appendix

Paul O´Keeffe: European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) Anti-discrimination Seminars: the EU Race Equality Directive. Prague, 1-3 December 2004

Hana Kozakova:  The Czech Roma Minority in the Educational System

Johanna Sakko: The Immigration debate in Finland


Cornell by Peter (ppt presentation),   by Sarah-Jane  by Evgenia

Berghe by Ninaby Hege,   by Nicolas

Richmond by Carola

Birch  by Ondøej by Irena by Stanislava by Anita by Idun by Hana, by Peter

Brubacker by Adele, by Vanessa, by Carola

Rex by Irena, by Paul, by Vanessa by Vladislava, by Deborah

Kuper by Ondrej

Malik by Céline by Jeni by Vanessa

Parekh by Evgenia by Idun by Paul by Anita by Hege by Hana, by Irena, by Stasha, by Jeni

Benhabib by Deborah, by Irena, by Nico

Race Directive by Hana, by Carola

Kymlicka by Celine, by Sarah-Jane

Bagilhole by Sarah-Jane by Anita, by Michael, by Irena, by Johanna, by Paul, by Celine, by Stasha, by Tim, by Idun

Okley by Hege, by Jeni, by Deborah, by Irena

Hancock by Johanna, by Vladislava, by Michael, by Irene, by Nico, by Peter

The Roma Road video by Evgenia, by Ondrej, by Vladislava

FCNM by Michael


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