Summer 2004


Ashley on Iliev

Ashley on Hancock

Ashley on Powel

Ditte on Lee

Ditte on Hancock

Ditte on Kovats

Michael on Okely

Michael on Powel

Michael on Special Remedy

Line on Hancock

Line on Liegeois

Line on Laubeova

Vladimira on Cahn

Vladimira on Guy

Vladimira on Liegeois

Sophie on Lee

Sophie  on Vermeersch

Camilla on Okely

Camilla on Guy

Camilla on Cahn

Cary 1

Cary 2

Cary 3

Alex on Pardubice

Final Essays

Michael Lucerto,  Lety: Introduction to the Roma Holocaust 

 Ditte Lauritzen,   Is there a basis for a “Roma nation”?A critical evaluation of Romani identity and common interests among European Roma

Ashley Grubor, The Survivors Among the Survivors; The Roma Situation in Yugoslavia

Camilla Thorgaard, Using P. Bourdieu to understand Education of Roma in the CR

Line Mikkelsen, Roma in the educational system of the Czech Republic- A review of Roma in the special remedial schools and the general problems of bilingualism  

Vladimíra Kardová: ROMA AND EDUCATION

Alexandre Clément: Roma and language issues

Cary Scott-Kemmis:Roma Education Issues and Approaches in Central Europe

Ruth Harlow: Problems faced by the Roma and a Step in the Right Direction

Kim Dolan-Betney