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European Policy and Practice towards the Roma

Jean Monnet Module 

supported also by CDC CEU


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This website contains:

* A detailed syllabus of the course including administrative details of the course, course timetable, aims of the course and teaching objectives, course structure, assessment, course outline (with a short introduction to each lecture topic) and a reading guide. On-line readings can be assessed directly from the syllabus page by clicking on the relevant links.  

* Some Lecture materials (Power Point presentations, articles and other documents) for more details please visit the homepage above.

* Administrative and technical documents:

    Short summary of the course

    Evaluation sheet

    Reader cover with paged readings

    Reader cover optional

    Attendance sheet


Student evaluation of the course

Student evaluation of the lecturers


Karkow travel report (draft)




WelcomeSyllabus | Lecture materialsEvaluation sheet | Summary

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