Globea has contributed to prepare and run several courses  on minorities and multiculturalism at Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences: Department of West European Studies at the Institute of International studies and Department of Public and Social Policy at the Institute of Sociological studies 


In 2003 we initiated a new five year project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Jean Monnet Action, a taught course for Masters students at the Department of Public and Social Policy:  

European policy and practice towards ethnic minorities 


Since 1998/1999 academic year,  in cooperation with Institute of International Studies, Department of European Studies, a course on multiculturalism:


MM202 Multiculturalism in Europe and North America



In 2001/2002 academic year in cooperation with Institute of Sociological Studies, Department of Public and Social Policy, two courses:

  • Menšiny a anti-diskriminační politika  (Minorities and anti-discrimination policies) with focus on anti-racist policies and practice in selected EU countries, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

  • Romové v Evropě a politika inkluze    (Roma in Europe and Inclusive Policies) that illustrates anti-discrimination principles on one of the most discriminated groups in the world.


Both courses for public policy students were prepared in cooperation with University of Edinburgh and were financially supported by Jan Hus Educational Foundation.


Detailed Syllabi, some texts and lecture summaries as well as Selected student´s papers in Czech language can be found here.